Day 7 | 12 Days of Christmas: Travelling at Christmas

Travelling over Christmas has always been something I want to do. Here is a quick post of where I’d like to visit.
I know I’m not the only person who wants to visit New York at Christmas I think most people do. I think it’s because of all the lovey-dovey, over the top Christmas films that are set in New York. I would absolutely love to go ice-skating in central park and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Imagine Christmas shopping in New York… I don’t even think I’d be bothered about queues. All the novelty presents we get here in the UK, it’ll be that x100. I would also love to be there over thanksgiving so I could see Macys Thanksgiving parade!


Where else would you love to meet Santa? Surrounded by snow and reindeers. You can go on reindeer sleigh rides or even husky sleigh rides. Imagine sleeping in an igloo, I think that would definitely make you feel festive. I love skiing so much I think I’d definitely have to try it out at Lapland!

I love, love, LOVE Christmas Markets so where better to go then to Germany. I’ve chosen Berlin in Germany because on my bucket list I want to visit every Capital City in Europe so why not do both!


As much as I love snow and wearing winter clothes, I would still love to experience hot weather at Christmas. Waking up on Christmas morning, opening presents then going to sunbathe – how good would that be? Coming home with a tan rather then a cold.

If you could choose somewhere you'd like to visit at Christmas, where would it be?

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